The concept of Shop Drop Assemble was born from some friends asking us to pick up and deliver some IKEA items, because not everyone has the time, a car big enough, the strength to lug it, or the patience to assemble it.

In its formative stages, Shop Drop Assemble started with a rusty old trailer, delivering IKEA items around Northern NSW, saving locals the hassle of driving 2 hours up the highway to the IKEA Logan store. As the service grew, word spread quickly that there was an option to get all your flat pack furniture goodies delivered and assembled without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Soon enough we were connecting thousands of regional customers to the large metropolitan retailers and naturally progressed into the capital cities offering a personalised One Stop Shop for all flat pack furniture.

Think of the amount of time and effort you have exhausted over the years wrestling flat pack furniture projects. Shop Drop Assemble solves all these problems!